The innovation

of micro needling from Dermaroller®


„State of the Art“ in design
and high-end quality
Made in Germany


eDermastamp® is compact, low in noise and vibration. The Hand-piece (driver) with its ergonomic design allows effortless handling. The strong electric motor guaranties continuous operation with 50 to 150 pricks per second. Six fine precision Micro-Needles from medical grade stainless steel are the optimal number for minimal invasive penetration forces and minimal tissue trauma.

eDermastamp® procedures take advantage of the body’s own regeneration process by stimulating cell proliferation that results in new collagen formations. The epidermis is improved in thickness and transparency. Repeated eDermastamp® sessions improve the overall skin texture and facial expression.

The patented eDermastamp® needle-tip-protector serves simultaneously as a reservoir for the infiltration of approved drugs and CE-marked medical devices such as Dermaroller® CIT solution.



For a treatment with the eDermastamp we recommend Dermaroller® CIT Hyal as lubricant.